Welcome to the Munro Hampton Alumni US North East Chapter


Munro College – 1856: – “In Arce Sitam Quis Occultabit” – translation – “A City set upon a Hill Cannot Be Hid”

Hampton School – 1858: – “Suma Virtute et humanitate” – translation – “With utmost courage and courtesy”

On November 6, 1834 the wills of Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson was read. Trustees were given power of sale of the real estate and slaves of Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson, for investing the funds and applying the same to the purposes of their wills and for no other purpose. Trustees were appointed to open a school or several schools for poor boys and poor girls. The two schools founded were Munro College an all-boys institution and Hampton School for girls; that eventually became two prestigious boarding high schools in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica for both local and international students. Munro College opened its doors in 1856 as a free school; an imposing school situated predominantly on the Santa Cruz Mountains in Potsdam. Hampton School was opened in 1858 in Malvern approximately five miles from their brother institution.

Since the inception of both institutions, they have amassed many notable scholars over their 150 years in existence.

Presently, these two schools have grown not only in numbers but also have been making strides in the world through their alumni associations – Munro College Old Boys Association (MCOBA) and the Hampton Old Girls Association (HOGA). These associations over the years have created different chapters across the world to keep the strong connections between the old boys and the old girls. The Munro Hampton US North East Alumni began in July 26, 2013 with the aim of collectively coming together to identify ways in which they can adequately support their alma-maters by providing funding where necessary for academics, co-curricular programs, offer scholarships and to support students in need. The alumni at the same time aims to create social opportunities so that current members can meet and greet from time to time for a drink or to discuss new opportunities for the schools. The Munro Hampton Alumni US North East (MHAUSNE) Chapter has now officially opened it’s doors by welcoming new members (old boys and old girls) who are currently reside in the US North East. To become a member of MHAUSNE, you simply need to have attended either school and currently live in the US North East.

Since our inception MHAUSNE has been supportive and committed to HOGA’s projects for Hampton School, as we continue to grow we hope that our contributions will increase significantly with each passing year. As past students we are beneficiaries of a culture steeped in a tradition of uncompromising excellence, as we reap the benefits of a sturdy foundation we believe in holding the doors of the institutions wide open so that younger generations may experience and benefit from the legacies of Robert Hugh Munro and Caleb Dickenson.

Mrs. Bridgette Stewart
Hampton School Alumn